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Linen Splash Gift Set

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Linen Splash Gift Set

Our  beautifully scented fragrance mist set makes a perfect gift!!

This  fragrance mist will keep your luggage smelling fresh for days! The travel-size companion is also great for hotel stay, for your automobile or just general use around the home.

Set of 5 fragrances (Lavender, White Ginger, Plumeria, Rose and Jasmine). Comes with straw meshed gift bag.

White Ginger – Top notes of Tangerine and Orange Nuances, Spicy Accents with mid notes White Floral.

Rose – Top notes of Dewy Greens with refreshing Fresh Rose Buds and Rose Petal Accord.

Plumeria – It is a sweet ambrosial nectar to please the most discerning nose. Top notes of Plumeria Nuances with Sheer Woods, Musk.

Lavender – A soft fragrance built on pure Lavender. Mid notes of Lavender Blossom, Lilac with hints of Jasmine. A subtle Vanilla, Musk and Rich Wood notes.

Jasmine – Refreshing fragrance Floral Blossom Accord with Spring Jasmine, Orange Blossom Nuances.

Linen Splash is perfect for use on  on sheets and pillows to impart a fresh, fragrant scent. You can spritz soft furnishings like cushions and sofas with linen splash to freshen them and provide a pleasant fragrance in the room. Use on clothing during ironing to give a gentle perfume to your clothes. Linen spray can also be used an air freshener by simply spraying into the air.  Especially useful in those stale, stuffy motel rooms. Use on hotel bedding to give a pleasant scent and remind you of home!


 Made in USA


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